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April, 2008

The locally famous Dewey Bridge, on the road to Moab-UT, was accidently destroyed by fire - set off by boy playing with matches at a nearby campground.  The boy's family was from Grand Junction and was devasted by the event.  No criminal charges have been set upon the kid or his parents.  Local residents were also heartbroken from the loss.  The wood and steel cable suspension bridge was built in 1916 as a means of crossing the Colorado River, upstream from the Canyonlands.  It had one of the longest spans west of the Mississippi River, and could support livestock and small vehicles.  It use lasted until 1985 when a new concrete/steel pylon bridge put in next to it as part of the Hwy-128 development plan.  Dewey Bridge was left in place as a national historical landmark.  Several years ago, a non-profit organization refurbished the bridge for pedestrian use.  It became recognized as an important (though not required) segment of the Kokopelli Trail, which runs from Grand Junction to Moab.  Dewey Bridge will remain on the historic landmark registry, but there are no plans to rebuild it.  County officials said that they would not prevent any one's efforts to do so.


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